Aaron Ajiz pun bolehhh

Maybe you'll wondering who's in my heart now aite?Did I already found his replacement?Truth is,I got no one.I just have my friends and the one who always cheer my day up is Alif budak pelik.He's always here for me since Oman left.I don't think I like him.because I'm not ready to be inlove yet.but I really do appreciate him.Love keep breaking my heart and I don't think I like it so yeah I'll take my time,enjoy single life,study hard and study smart for my SPM this year.Isn't that sounds better?Alif always push me to not to be a lazy ass and he push me in my homework,I mean to do my homework on time,no postpone allowed! He's a really great friend :)


Empty heart I have.

Luqman,he IM me yesterday.He apologize and all.he said he regret what he did to me last time.and what's surprising me is,I thought I still love him.but no,I don't.There's no love left for him in this heart anymore.I can accept him as a friend but not more than a normal friend.I don't want the same exact things happen again and again.I'm sick of it.Too many chances given,too many hopes,too many heartbroken.and now I feel empty.No feelings left.It has gone with the wind.It's his fuckin fault.He broke my heart into a tiny little pieces.Now karma has bit him in the ass.What goes around comes around,remember?You can't run anywhere.You can't hide.Karma has done their job. *big claps* and jot this down,I won't accept someone who once broke my heart.I won't.
Lots of thing to tell.but got no time to write.

Fuck this

Did you really expect me to wait for you? to put my life on hold because you were unsure of your feelings? I've made it clear since day one,you're all I ever wanted.Don't say to me fuck that or fuck this.I've put up with your shit for too long.I've let you manipulate me,and lead me on.All for it to lead to this.I'm sick of feeling like I'm not good enough for you.and listen,I don't like to delete our old texts because I feel like I'm deleting history but you know what,in our fuckin case,I want to delete it,because I don't want you there in my history.Maybe everyone were right about 'Never regret something that once made you smile' but I do regret it.I regret for knowing you,I regret for letting you own my heart and I regret the time I wasted on you.I regret I smiled when you said those fake words to me.Those Iloveyou,those Imissyou,those Iwantyouforever,those Ineedyou,those staywithme.Now,fuck you.I hope you're not happy.

MLH < / 3


Fuck Luqman.Now I know he just toy my heart,my feeling.WOI LISTEN HERE EH,I hate you and I will always hate you.Kau gunakan aku untuk lupakan dayana? Apa fuck punya perangai weh? Aku menyesal kenal kau.and I mean it.Sorry but now I dh over you and I nak move on with someone else.Takecare and I hope you won't be happy.

Total done

I shouldn't wasting my time on him.He don't deserve me.He don't deserve my time.He's still stuck with his past and trust me,he won't get over it.He might over it one day but that's gonna be too late.I'm done with this shit,I'm total done.Now it's time for me to move on,to give anyone else a chance.I need to focus on my studies,and maybe I need to find a new boyfriend.Maybe.We'll see what happen next.

Pray the best for me.

Page 5 of 366 : 6.25 am

He texted me just now.He wish me goodmorning and he said he's starting to miss me,my voice.and I want him to know that I miss him so much.I just don't wanna reply his text because I know I shouldn't.We both are over in every way.I don't want things go worst,even worst than this.I miss everything about him.I wish I can tell him how much I miss him,how much I want him back in my life,how much it's killing me.

I told everyone that I'm okay,I'm fine without you but that's all are just a lie.I'm not okay without you.I'm a mess.


My first day of school and my first day without Luqman went well.Yea I have to admit that it sucks abit.I can't get him out of my mind.He's here 24/7.I tried to forget him but failed.What should I do?He seems very happy with his life without me.and I'm dying here without him by my side.It's really hurt wake up in the morning and realize that he's gone,he's not mine anymore.I can't believe this would happen.It's a nightmare.Losing him and it feels like losing my other part of my body.It hurts so much.I don't know how to get rid of this emptiness.I don't know how.and I know we'll never be together back.I have to let him go.He don't need me.and I won't waste my time waiting for him.I'm done,but I can't forget him either.It's okay,time will heal the pain.and yea,Imma stay single for awhile.I'm not ready to love again.I'm just not ready to get another heartbroken yet.

This is it

So this is all just your fuckin game?Luqman,we're over.Goodluck with your life and goodluck on getting her back.I'll move on and I'll show to you that I don't need you,I don't need a liar like you in my life.I can find better.maybe Paul,maybe someone else.We don't know the future.So yeah,goodbye and thanks alot for breaking my heart.

Farewell 2011

Dear 2011,time flies so fast.A little bit more,its already 2012.Thank you for the whole thing.Everything changes,for the good.Things come and go,always for the best reason.but I thank God for bringing me back my old big brotahs,Faiq,Anas,Daniel.We rock the world aite?! xD and thank to God for giving me a kinda good relationship with my family back.Ekaa and Shukry,I love you.and to my best cousin Ida Eddie,you're awesome.You always here in my ups and downs.I can't imagine life without you.Hasny,you've been a really great company to me.and to Lokman's who cheer my december a lot Adib and Aiman,thankyou thankyou thankyou so much.and not forgotten,Paul Lee my seafarer who always here for me to cheer me up.A lot of thank you to you.and and and to my amazing friends Pika,Bella,Amira,Azean,Fatyn,Alia,Bash,Masz,Sai who has turn my normal school days to an exciting one.Tatemm.To Vin,omg long time no talk about you.I miss you so much and I'm not even kidding.Amir! my ex scandal haha 6 months with you,you've been a really great scandal weh.Sorry for what happened between us.My awesome beyond the awesome ex boyfriend,Razlan Roslan who's still here for me when I needed a friend to talk to.Thankyou so much I love youuuuu tall guy.and congrats to my cousins Ikha Azman and Ina Azman on their wedding.and to my baby niece Numa Alveena.Auntie love love love you muah muah :D To my whole big awesome family and cousins HI !!!!! You guys are the best! Lastly,to the guy who I love Ohmen,even we're always argue about small or big things,it doesn't matter,you'll always have a special spot in my heart no matter what happen to us next.and whoever I didn't mention in this post,I'm really sorry.but you'll always here in my mind aite?No worries.Goodbye 2011,you've been interesting,hoping 2012 would be better.


Alhamdulillah everythings went well.Very well.I just love the way he treats me and all.He's being sweet like sugar yum yum.He's okay,I'm okay.We're both okay.happy and I got the feeling that he already forgot a bit about his past.it's a good thing.I'm trying my best to make him happy.I'll always be here for him no matter what.We've been through alot aite?We both deserve this happiness.and insyaAllah this happiness will be ours forever.We both just have to keep praying and trusting and loving each other and I believe that everythings gonna be fine.Just fine okay ayang?

Sayang,I know I told you this everyday,every hour and every minute but I just want you to know that I love you so much and you do know that aite?Yes yes I love you more than anything else in this world.

wink wink

Me and Oman.we're okay.He beg me to forgive him.and yes as usual.I melt.He promised he won't do that ever again.He said he just realize that I love him so much.Bodoh betul lembab nak realize mcm ni lah :P sorry sayangggggggggg I didn't mean it.I love youuuu so much and you know that aite?I never wanna lose you.I'm really scared of losing you.I can't imagine how I wake up with no text from you,and I go to sleep without a goodnight wish from you.No I don't want that to happen.Maybe I'm a bit over-sensitive sometimes but that's me.You have to accept me for the who I am.I don't wanna be someone else.I wanna be me when I'm with you.and I would really appreciate it if you can put your past behind you.it's for our own good.Kan sayang?and I get jealous easily.I hate it when you tweeting or wall to wall or text or picking up your ex phone calls or whatever.I just hate it.I'm sorry I can't control it.You're mine,and mine alone.No one can touch you.NO ONE.except me.Get it?If other bitch dare to touch you,I'll kill both of you.No kidding *serious face*

xD I love you yayinggggg and always will.


I had a lunch with mama and papa just now.anddddddd tiba tiba mama ckp psl Oman.that's kinda weird to me.because I never really had a talk about Oman with mama.She said,'tak habis habis Oman.Pergi cari lelaki lain yg lg better lah.Cari yg betul betul sayang kita bukannya kita yg sayang dia.' and I was just like 'whatttttttttttt?' I don't get it.How did she knows about us?I never told her about this.It's kinda private to me.No need to share with MOM.Okay whatever.and

Maaa,I don't want anyone else.I want Oman.I want Muhammad Luqman bin Hassan.Only him.Can't you understand me?I know you care about me,you don't wanna see me hurt like last time but maa,I love him,so much.Maybe you were right,he don't love me as much as I love him.but hati org boleh berubah kan and everyone deserve a second chance or maybe third chance.So this is it,I'm giving him the chance that he deserve.Kay.I don't wanna leave him.I love him.I'm sorry maa.I love you but you know I won't leave Oman.I really hope you understand my situation.Love you ma.

Love,Nasrin Zal xx

Sad mood : on !

Yeah we had a fight again.I'm tired with all this shits.I'm really tired.I don't think I can go on,I mean stay strong with this things clouding on my mind,breaking my heart.I just can't

Christmas Ho Ho Ho!

Awwww so sorry it's christmas post but I update it a bit late.kinda busy with school stuffs and all.Sorry again.

I had a really great night.Thanks to Ida Eddie,Areesya Adnan,Zul Azman,Zahidi Zal,Aiman Adnan,Aiman Lokman,Adib Lokman and Aqil Lokman.I didn't sleep all night long.and I can't believe that :O okay whatever.It's not a big deal pun kan.yeahh well well,we slept at Marriott hotel,Putrajaya for one night.We got extra room soooooo we decided to lepak-ing in the room.Mula mula semua segarrrr je then at 3 semua mcm dh mengantuk sangat and they fell asleep.Tinggal I,Ida and Adib je.woop woop! Okayy I kinda malas nak tulis panjang panjang sooo hereee is our pictures together.

Tadaaaaaa aren't we look sho cute? :) Yes we are sho cute together! me like like like

Cute us

Omg we've decided what songs gonna play on our wedding reception later.LATER lah sgt padahal berapa tahun lg insyaAllah.haha so funny I'm just 16 and we're deciding things about our wedding in the next few years.haha K whatever be jealous people.My boyfriend are so amazing you can't deny that people :P No words can describe how grateful I am for having him in my life.He's the best.Yeah maybe we argue alot but hey,that's a normal thing.and that doesn't make me love him less.My love for him grows stronger every each day.I feel down sometimes when you told me about your ex.Like I'm not here.Like I don't exist at all but I learned something from that,you need time to forget her.Everyone needs time to forget their pasts.I do understand that.It's okay,but I really hope you can forget her as soon as possible.I can't wait for 'the new Muhammad Luqman'.He's gonna be amazing,much more amazing than this Muhammad Luqman.Kan kan?

:D #happyface

Better him

He's getting better Alhamdulillah.haih I have to make him forget his past,his ex I mean.I don't wanna see him suffered.No I can't see him like that.I have to stay strong.I have to :) It's not for me or for him.It's for both of us.I need to trust him and he need to trust me and himself.Without trust,there will be no us.Aite?

Sayang,I believe you're a strong guy.You can face this.I'll help you go through this shits.We'll through this together ayy?I won't leave you alone.I promise you that.I can see how you suffered but sayanggggggg,I'm here for you! Cakk ;) I'll always here kay?I won't go anywhere.but please atleast appreciate me.I love you and always will.


I know guys,I wrote about Luqman alot lately.I don't know why but I'm pretty sure that I'm madly inlove with him.Sorry again.Sorry sorry sorry
Muhammad Luqman

No words can describe how much I love you,how much I thank to God to have you in my life.You're the best,you're simply the best.You're always there for me in my ups and downs.I don't wanna lose you,never.Maybe I can live without you but trust me,it won't be that easy.It's gonna be hard,real hard.I believe I'll go insane without you.Sayangggggg,I love you so much much much.I wish we could be together one day without a problem at all.We're gonna be happy,we're gonna be the best romantic couple in the world.Ayy? I can't wait to show to the world that you're mine,mine alone.Yes,I always hope that you'll be fully mine one day and I hope it'll be a dream come true.Aminnn.

Gurney batch '07 reunion BBQ party

Awhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Gurney-ians,I miss you guys so much.I am so happy to see you guys last night even we're not talking to each other that much.I don't mind.You guys are all grown up.I feel short,really.haha it's kinda funny how many years we didn't met but I still remember all of our memories together at Gurney.2007 was the best,we laugh,do stupid things together.It's a great memories I ever had.and I would like to see you guys again next time.InsyaAllah

and to my darling Muhammad Luqman.Thankyou for teman me last night even it's kinda boring,you're still there with me.I'm sooo grateful to have you.I love you so much sayang xx

Letter for you

This post are made for my darling Superman,Muhammad Luqman bin Hassan.

Hey ayang,I know you're still not okay but always remember that I'll always here for you no matter what.I promised aite?I won't leave you like this.You need someone to comfort you,to cheer you up,to support you in whatever you do.and I believe that person is me :) I won't be selfish.I'm there when you're happy so I won't leave you when you're down.We laugh together,smile together,sad together and cry together.Kay yang?I love you and it just you <3 I don't mind if you still love her.I do understand your situation.I was there at your place last time.It hurts,I know how much it hurts.I've been through it quite a lot.and I'm still here,alive.You can face this,Ohmen.Yes you can.you just have to believe yourself.You're not weak,you're my Superman remember?and Superman kan kuattttt (: It's kinda sad that I have learned to deal with things like this.Being strong means being heartless.If you really wanna forget her,keep this words on your mind --> 'If you go then I'll forget you.When you're gone I won't miss you.' I'm sorry Ohmen but that's just the way I've learned to deal with a broken heart and broken promises.and it works.You should try you know.I love you so much and I believe in you.You can face this.I got your back.Always.

I'm not telling you it's going to be easy,I'm telling you it's going to be worth it (:

Nurzuhaira Nasrin Zalaluddin


He brokeup with his girlfriend already but I don't think I'm happy with it.I'm sad to see him suffered.I can't see him like that.I just can't.It kills me to see him that way,that sad way.All I can do is try to cheer him up,I tried my best to comfort him,to comfort myself ;( He'll be okay,if God wills.

*Come on,Nasrin.You're stronger than this.Ohmen just brokeup with his girlfriend.You can't expect he'll forget her immediately ayy?Nasrin,you're one strong girl.You can face this.Blink away your tears and up your head.Show to the world that you're strong like a bold stone.


We're not over yet.We'll never over.Our love just grows and grows (: I fall inlove with him even more after what happened.Nothing can change my love towards him.He's too special.I love him with my whole heart.Everyone keep asking me,'why him?He's not even perfect.' I know it's weird,I don't know why either.I can't find the answer.My heart just chose him.and my heart never told me why.Maybe this is love.Love doesn't need to be perfect.It just need to be true.Ayy people?

Muhammad Luqman bin Hassan

He got his own character.He's weird in a good way.He's cute,he's funny,he's smart in his own way.What?I can't hear you?He's sick?I don't give a damn.He's perfect to me.Nothing can make me love him less.NOTHING.

I love you xx


We're not over? APA OHMEN NI?! ckp mcm paria

It's finally over

Yea it's finally over.I can't believe he actually dump me.He doesn't care about me anymore.Oh yea I forgot that I got no feelings ayy?That's why.I'm a doll.He's too happy with his girlfriend,that's why he ignore me.He said I got someone else?NO! I swear to God I don't have anyone else.Paul,Amir wants me back but I rejected them.Why Oman why?Why can't you see that?I want you,only you.but I guess,it'll be just a dream.

Yes maybe I planned to leave him because Faiq said it's the best way but I didn't say anything yet.haih :'/ so he's the one who's leaving me.

I'm broken.I'm too broken.I miss him,I miss everything about him.His smell,his laugh,his smile,his voice,his hug,his touch.Everything.I wish I can reset everything back to normal again.I wish I can reset my brain,my heart.but I can't.It's impossible.

You're leaving me breathless.

but if you want me back,I'll always be here for you.No matter what.I promised ayy?but just makesure you're single that time.

I miss you and I love you.but I have to move on,for our own good xx


I confess it.You're the best thing that has ever stumbled into my life.I don't know what I'd do without you.You're always there for me and you make me smile without intending to.You're so damn cute and I can honestly say that I don't want anyone else but you.Even we're always argue about small things but I don't know why,I still wanna be here with you.I promised you I won't leave and I'll stick to my words.I love you now and forever,if God wills (:

Rawr means you're too cute and I wanna bite you ;) so Rawr!


When we first met,I had no idea you'd become this important to me <3 *I'm bored hm yeaa I made this video just for fun (: Oh yea before you play it,press the pause button on music background tu dulu -->



I've change my blog link so that is my new link (: *atas tu*


Wuuu I kinda like my blog's new look.So cute,so happy.The background themes,the background music :D I am one happy blog user!
What to do.If I want him,I just have to keep waiting.and that's the hardest part :/ I don't think I can stay here,be there for him and get hurt again and again by watching they tweeting each other.Ergh I just hate the feeling I have everytime I saw their tweets.haih I don't know

but I guess I'll wait.God,make me strong.Please


I met Oman yesterday.We watched Breaking Dawn together.We're okay but I don't know.I love him.I can't get mad or stay angry at him for a long period.I just can't.I had a great times with him yesterday.Awwwwwwhh btw it's not just only us,theres Ida and Anas too :) Anas fell asleep in the cinema.haha I hate him! oh yeah we booked couple seat *naughty face* ehem Omg I'm starting to miss him already.


Hm after done watching cinema,we allllllll go to Maya.For lunch! I ate Chicken Shawarma.Not badddddd.it tastes good :) and the funniest part is,Ida get stoned and hahaha Anas risau gilaaaaaaa.I have the vid.Yes I recorded it.Its a good moment *fact,it's a funny moment*

I really had fun yesterday.I love Oman so much and I don't lie.I want him to be mine.FULLY MINE,MINE ALONE.

Complicated life of mine

Wuuh,it's kinda hmm I don't know what to say.I had ups and downs.I've been so stressed out,down,sad,depressed lately.Ohmen thingy.Argh those are killing me slowly.I ate 8 pills in one night and the next morning I felt sick.I throw up,headache.Omg I hate my life.Yea about thinking to move on tu,I don't know.I'm trying to but you know,it's kinda hard.For now,I just keep my days busy.Yesterday I went for a jogg with Pika and Ida.It's workin.abit :/ I felt 'wuuuuhhh I'm okay' yesterday.and I guess I just have to keep my life busy ayy?Time will heal my heart.That's for sure.but it's a lie if I said I don't miss him.I do miss him.He texted me yesterday and we're okay but not that okay.We're more like a friend.hmm I think I should get used to it.I shouldn't love him at the first place.My fault.

This morning,I cried and you know the reason are?I felt no one ever appreciate me.I felt unneeded.Lots of things clouding on my mind.I made Alfikri left me for Oman.wtf?Isn't that stupid?Ohmen should appriciate it.I left Paul for Ohmen.I left everyone for him.Am I still not good enough to him?I know I'm not that perfect,but either do everyone.No one's perfect ayy.

I don't know what to do,what to think,what to say.I feel nothing.Ya know,I'd rather hurt than feel nothing at all.It sucks.and yea,thanks to him for making my heart empty.We'll see what's gonna happen next.Am I still here for him or I'm with someone else.


Life sucks ;(

It's complicated.really.I was so happy with Ohmen and then thereeeee we go again,fighting.I don't know if I can sabar lagi or tak.It hurts so much.I'm thinking to move on,leaving he and his girlfriend happily,no more superman wonderwoman,no more yaying yayang and all.Just Oman and Dayana.but I'm scared I go mad if I leave him.I can't even think straight without him.Then you tell me how am I gonna live without him?I want him,I need him.I wish he were mine.haih

I need pills.
Sorry I didn't wrote stories in details.Woi I need privacy too okayyyy :P

Peace and War

I met my oh-men and Anas just now.hehe I'm so happy.I snap pictures with my Oh-men (: *Happy face*

See,we look sooo happy together aite?but at 2.30 dia balik dh sbb kerja :/ it's okay I don't mind.and after my Oh-men balik.thereeeee we go again,Anas and Ida perang yg keberapa entah.Me and Ida,we had a small fight bcause of that problem.I pity Anas and I know I shouldn't scolded at Ida mcm tu aite.I know I know :( I didn't mean it.really.I love you cousin.I just want you to be happy that's all.

and what's surprising is,me and Oman pun kena gaduh about this juga.Hell ayy?Weird us.but we're okay now.Alhamdulillah

To my yaying Oh-men,I'm really sorry for what just happened between us tadi.I didn't mean to curse and all.I swear I love you I swear I didn't mean to hurt you.I got too emotional.I'm really sorry <3


Late update

I met my superman two days ago.Sorry late update.Got no mood to update anything on this boring blog.but here I am,updating this post.

Two days ago,we met at Maya if I'm not mistaken.yea yea maya.we met mcm biasa je kot.but omg he kissed me.My lips.YES YES I ain't kidding bitches.Be jealous be jealous everyone.I love him so much and he's mine *I wish* and we as in me,anas,daniel,ida,elly and oman talk about Anas's ex girlfriend.bla bla boringggggg.

Skip skip skip.

and poof we're off to Zul's house.Chilling at Zul's room about 1 hour something pool-ing,and and I played kids with Ohmen.haha So cute no kidding.OMG you know what?! Areesya's coming and she said 'Hi Oman' like the fuck?Oman je kay?! Cousin,you're one naughty girl.Rawr Imma bite you hard cousin xD Beware.and hm what happened yea? *thinking* *can't recall anything* but we had a really fun time together.Snap pictures together haha thumbsup me like that.and at 8,they got to go,and there we go again,hugging and kissing *blush blush.

They rock my world

Never knew I needed

This guy,my heart,my lover and my everything.I never knew I need him so much.I cried for him,I get down bcause of him,I smile,I laugh bcause of him.it's all about him now.I know we're not even in a relationship but you know,the feelings.I don't know why i did this,stole someone else's boyfriend.I know I know I'm selfish.but I can't leave him.I just can't.I've tried but it's hurt so much.I'm dying without him.I'm sorry people,I just can't.I'm a weak person I can't lie to myself.I need him so much.I don't lie.He's perfect for me.maybe to you guys,he's not that perfect but to me,he is.he is perfect.I'm glad to have him in my life.and I'll wait for him to be fully mine.I'll wait,take my words.

Sometimes,I don't believe he'll dump his girlfriend for me.but it's not a crime to put a high hope on someone ayy.I'll always be here for him no matter what.He always had a fight with his girlfriend.I don't understand why either.It's complicated.cursing each other.That's not my way.Seriously no.but that's their relationship.I'm no one to judge em.Ida always said,'biar dia break.you deserve him better'.but you know what.I don't think that's a good thing.bcause,I'll feel bad like really bad if they breakup one day.I swear.Let them be.If they're not meant for each other,InsyaAllah one day,me and him will be together.I'll just have to keep waiting.Sabar separuh daripada iman kan (:

I love this guy so much.He's my Superman and always be

Love birds

Awhhh just look at em.How sweet how adorable are they.Ish I envy them like seriously this is the first time Ida being a really sweet to her boyrfriend.She love Anas so much,I can tell.

Stays forever.Please I'm so happy to see you guys like this :') To Ida,takecare of Anas don't break his heart like you did to your exs :P Kidding.

and to Anas,do takecare of my lil kuntilanak,Ida.Make her happy,make her feel comfortable when she's with you,don't stop loving her.Always say that you love and don't wanna lose her.and always be proud for having her in your life.Tell her how much she meant to you.

I love you guys so much and I don't wanna see you guys fight or wtv.Stays like this forever yeah? :)


Makhlukperosak account will be deleted soon (:
Thankyou even you cursed me but it's okay.My fault.

Our both fault.



Bitch,you gatta be kidding me.She signup a new fake account twitter and maki me like hell! Shoot I wanna kill her.Like seriously.I have no freakin idea who are this 'makhlukperosak'.Everyday I check my mention on twitter and there you goooo,cursing me,cursing ida.The eff?I won't stand and just watch her curse us like that.She got no right to do that.BITCH! and she said I'm ruining other's relationship.Oh so now it's about Oman?The helllllllllllllllllll.me and Oman,we're over aite.Apa lagi dia nak?Bleugh people nowadays.Short thinking.I don't know what to do,what to reply those shits.ERGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH headache headache.

OMG this is sooo killing me.and I'm fuckin shaking right now.I can't even think straight.ERGH I'm so ganna kill that bitch! I'm ruining other's relationship? YOU'RE RUINING OTHER'S LIFE.and that's pathetic.

Know what,my middle finger's starting to like you,oh no it said it LOVE you.You're one lucky bitch.hah

Missing him :'/

Between me and Oh-men my superman.We're over.
Shit happened.My fault I know.I miss you,so much that's for sure :( I act like everything's fine but deep down inside my heart,it's hurt,it's killing me.I'm dying to see you with her.Your wall,your tweets.It's all about her now.I'm nothing to you anymore.I can't believe we're over already.It was fast.I still wanna be with you.I want to be by your side when you got problems like I used to.Only God knows how much I miss you.Everything I do reminds me of you.I miss everything about us.Everything.Mark when I said everything.I don't lie.I want you back,I need you back.I'm sorry I have to pretend like I don't care about what happened to us.I'm sorry.but I want you to be happy with your girl.I'm sorry I leave you,I'm sorry if I broke your heart.We're friend now.I don't want that :( I miss you,I feel like I wanna tell you that I want you back but I know it won't happen.You'll always be my Superman,my kind of Superman :') Always.

*I know I shouldn't post this thingy but I'm sorry I just want you to know what's inside my heart now.After you left


8 days I didn't wrote on this blog,lots of stories I wanna share in here.Like seriouslyyyyyyyy.but I'll make it short.Promise

Now,my lil Kuntilanak,Ida Eddie are dating Anas! Anas Hassan,Oman Hassan's twins.The hell?That's kinda weird but me like it thoo.Stays forever guys! xx

*Congrates Ida I love youuuu

Me and my Superman,we're so so sooo happy like ummphh ;) Our last meet was two days ago.I love him so much! Shhhhhh I don't give a fxck what people gossiping about us.I don't care.

Everythings was fine,okay,awesome.November,be nice.I'm starting to like you,Nov.

Short update

My dead blog :P Hi hi hi everyone so sorry I didn't update anything lately,lots of conflicts,lots of problems and kinda busy with myself.okay that's just an excuse heheh sorry hm like I mentioned on my last post 'NO BOSIR,NO AL' yeah I mean we're over in everywayyy.I'm not ganna write here in details because you know it's kinda privacy and I don't wanna write anything bad about them so yeahh.

I am happy with my life now even I got no one.No one as in no boyfriend but I do got a special-friend that I always texted with.hm his name is Oman :D

OMG he's sooo sooo nice like seriously,cute,adorable.haha I swear! I can't describe how cute he is.He's just too cute.I'm very lucky to have him in my life and yes,I called him Superman and I'm his Wonderwoman! too cute aite? I know.but unfortunately,he already gatta girlfriend but it's okay that's not a big deal aite.

Ciao,school's calling


Ideal guy

I listed things that I want my “BoyFriend’s Characteristics”

Saying iloveyou and MEAN it,Sweet long text messages,holding hands.iloveyou’s first thing in the morning.honest.makes you feel special.cute jealous faces.see no other girls.stolen kisses.back hugs.caring.sweet.Open.supportive.understanding.knows what to order for you when having dates.loving me for no reason.loves me for me.trusts me.doesn’t ignore me.loyal.faithful.humor. asking me to dance even without music and out of nowhere.romantic surprises.Touching my waist while walking.Actually talk to me like there’s no tomorrow.Share secrets with me.letting me use his shirts.Kissing me slowly.Laugh with me.Invite me everywhere.Hangout with my and his friends together. Taking pictures with me.When i say i love you more,deny it.Fight back.When someone say he/she loves me more than you,deny it.fight back and hug me tight so i can’t get to my friends because it makes me feel loved.Always hug me Kiss me unexpectedly.Tell me i’m beautiful.Open doors for me- it makes me feel protected, plus it never hurts to act like a gentleman sometimes. Right?Tell me i’m your everything - ONLY if you mean it.If it seems like there is something wrong, ask me- if i deny something being wrong, it means I DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT- so just hug me.Kiss me in front of OTHER girls/friends.DON’T lie to me.DON’T cheat on me!Take me ANYWHERE i want.Be there for me whenever i need you & even when i don’t need you,just be there so i’ll know that i can ALWAYS count on you.Hold me close when im cold so i can hold YOU too.Kiss me on the CHEEK.While in the movies, put your arm around me and then i will automatically put my head on your shoulder.Look deep into my EYES and tell me you love me.Lay down under the STARS and put my head on your chest so you can cuddle.When walking next to each other grab my HAND.When you hug me HOLD me in your arms as long as possible. Call or text me EVERY night to wish me SWEET DREAMS before you go to sleep.COMFORT me when i cry and wipe away my tears.ALWAYS remind me how much you love me.Give me your coat if im cold—thats always cute.Write letters on my back with your finger—feels good.Let me sit on your lap.HOLD my HAND in PUBLIC.Keep conversations flowing…talk about anything usually i just go along with it.If my hair is in my face move it out of my face and then kiss me passionately and gently.Kiss me in the rain.

This is sooo perfect!

Guys,keep this on your mind.


Once you lie to her & she finds out, she’s gonna wonder if you’ve been lying the whole time.
Once you lie to her & she finds out, she’s gonna wonder what else are you lying about.
Once you lie to her & she finds out, she’s no longer going to fully believe anything you say.
Once you lie to her & she finds out, she’s no longer going to fully trust you.
Once you lie to her & she finds out, good luck winning her trust back.

So,don't you ever think to lie to your girlfriend.or you'll regret.

This describe me


Fun to be with. Loves to try new things. Boy/girls LOVE you. You are very hott. Secretive. Difficult to fathom and to be understood. Quiet unless excited or tensed. Takesrep pride in oneself. Has reputation. Easily consoled. Honest. Concerned about people’s feelings. Tactful. Friendly. Approachable. Emotional temperamental and unpredictable. Moody and easily hurt. Witty and sparkly.spazzy at times.Not revengeful. Forgiving but never forgets. dislikes nonsensical and unnecessary things. Guides others physically and mentally. Sensitive and forms impressions carefully. Caring and loving. Treats others equally. Strong sense of sympathy. Wary and sharp. Judges people through observations. Hardworking. No difficulties in studying. Loves to be alone. Always broods about the past and the old friends. Waits for friends. Never looks for friends. Not aggressive unless provoked. Loves to be loved. Easily hurt but takes long to recover.

4 letters L O V E

love is a rosary that’s full of mystery.love is blind.that’s one of the things that u will find in slam books.but seriously,what is love?love has loads of meaning.from different people,people with different nationalities,people with different perspectives and other stuffs.in science, love is just a feeling secreted by our brain.for the religion Christian,love is one of the gifts of GOD.how many of us tried to be in love?answer: all of us! for me,love is not just about a feeling for a certain person,it can be appreciation to a place,a food or even a thing.so when u appreciate even a small thing,u are in love.well, maybe not in love “in love” that the movies always point out.but u are.u are also loved.we are always loved.by whom? HIM! by GOD! when you came and became as u are,when you started to know the world,when u open your eyes in the morning,that’s one of the ways GOD shows how much HE loves us.maybe this is a childish thing to do.to ask what is love.but have you ever thought of it? what’s the real meaning of love? now, for you, what is love???? LOVE that has FOUR simple letters. L-O-V-E. you can define it definitely.i’m not saying that your definition is wrong,every definition is right.no matter if it’s english,spanish,how simple,how bitter,how sweet or how long it is,as long as you love,you can define it in a way everybody can understand.

so love like you have never loved before. don’t let one pain can stop you from loving.

Source - Tumblr

Hi hi hi sorry didnt wrote anything lately.Kinda busy with finals.I'll be back soon.Soon enough I can promise you that,and wish me luck!


Hi today happy abit.heheh no I lied,happy sangatttttttttttttt! sbb dpt jumpa my darling half blood vampire,BOSIR NATH BIN OMAR! :D heheh this is our second meet.me and my bro nak pergi tengok movie and kebetulan dia ada dkt wangsa walk so we decided to meetup.yeah hes with his other two pretty officemates.and we jalan sekejap and dia hantar I dekat my bro and dia balikkkk kena sambung kerja :( but but after I habis movie,dia datang! Thats the best part :P around 5.30 dia sampai and teman me until my papa ambil I at 7 something.heheh hes too cute *melting

and guess what,I miss him already!

He told me yg officemate dia cakap I mcm Kimora.Gosh shes the third person who said that to me :d tehee bangga much?HELL YES


I'm lovin today

Like seriouslyyyy Syeira Long datang and ckp nonstop mcm org gilaaaaaaaaaaaaa.and at 11 get ready and all and poof we're off to wangsa walk.tunggu Bosir heheh today was our first meet and its a great day with him :) we watched movie,The Fright Night.awhhhhhhhh hes so cute.he makes me go awhhh.Like serious shit :) nak senyummmmmmm je rasa.and and Im so happy today.Thanks to Bosir Nath Omar,Ida Eddie and yeah Faiq Lutfi.we captured picture,'we' as in me and Bosir heheh hes so tall :O but me like that.yeah the penguin yg I bought frm New Zealand,I dh bg dkt dia and I think he love it.dia pegangggg je the whole time tadi.Awhhhhhhhhhhhh okay shooooooooosh I know shutup shutup

Broken Promises

You told me you loved me
I told you I loved you too
You said together we'd always be
I said I would be true
You promised you would hold me
You promised you'd be there
I promised I'd cross the stormy sea
To give you my loving care
But you never kept your promise
You aren't the way you used to be
You just gave up on us
And you just gave up on me
You said let's take a break
You said let's just be friends
But please for my sake
Just say the truth, cause it's the end
You promised every day
That you would be there
You molded my heart like clay
Into the shape of a broken chair
You promised to me
That we'd always have our love
You said to me
I was all you could think of
But, now, your walking away
Saying "let's just be friends"
Now, you made my heart break
That's your way of saying it's the end
Why did you make a promise you couldn't keep
Why did you make a promise you wouldn't live up to
Why did you make a promise that was so cheap
why did you make a promise to this broken hearted fool
Why did you promise we'd be together
Why did you say you dreamed of me in your sleep
why did you promise to love me forever
Why did you make a promise you could not keep?
Sept 18,2011
Hi Im at NZ ady,its real cold here,9 celcius and and gatta hot dudes here,their accent.Yum gosh im melting.First night here,we sleep at birches motel.it takes us 5 minutes to reach here frm airport.and i cant wat fr tomoz's activities.night peeps.its time to sleep.

Sept 19,2011
Yeay this morning we got our merc caravan.wuu its so big.me likey.
we're heading to supermarket to buy some stuff to eat.oh my its really cold outhere.phewh and we went to this place named Qamara Penguin,Nz's penguin are the smallest in the whole world.their weight is just abt 1kg.They're so tiny.oh yeah and I bought tiny penguin toy or should i say teddy?okay wtv its for Bosir! hee excited much.and now,at 8.50 pm,we're heading to Dunedin.to take our sleeping beauty

Sept 20,2011
Hi its a third day we're heare and yes,this morning we went to cadbury world,Yum we gatta lots of choc,the best part is,its free!Im planning to buy rugby world cup's cap.hee now,oidk where we're heading to.lets just wait and see.okay hi again,now we're at larnach lodge,its a castle.errkinda hot here.yah the view frm here,ouch its a real beauty.
Now,we're on our way to the holiday park,it takes 4-5 hours to reach there.Im sick.Sorethroat,running nose,fever,ergh spoiled.Oh yes,theres a lot of stars at night here.Im loving it.I dont wanna leave this place but im starting to miss everyone in Malaysia.1 hour to go.im sick and everything.Atlast,we're here.this place is wayyy better than yesterday's.Ganna sleep now bye

Sept 21,2011
Morning,its our forth day here.Like I said yesterday,Im sick plus I drink coke yesterday so my bad :P wokeup and get our shower,poof we're done and we snap pictures,like tons of pictures.and after tired pposing bagai,we're heading to Cruize Milford.Goshhhhh gatta lots of hot dudes there dayumm im inlove.cking cking the cruize was pretty awesome,but too bad we have to leave early.and guess what?people im so excited to tell you this! today was my first time I see snow with my own fuckin eyes! and ofcourse,I touched it.duhh you can tell.oh yeah tonight we're ganna sleep at Queenstown.it takes 5-6 hours of nonstop journey.wth.and nw,we're here,watching dvd with ma cuzs.nights

Sept 22,2011

Sept 23,2011
Hi todays are our 6th dayyy.so it means 3 days to go and hello malaysia.today's plan kinda exciting.we got no plan actly but we decided something fun and cool to do.early at the morning,as usual we take out bath breakfast and all and then we're off to SHOTOVER JET.Omg it was fun like beyond the awesome.it was crazy too.I scream like hell and I dont lie.haha and after done w our shotover,poof we're off to town! man if i gatta thousands dollars,imma buy all the things there but sadly,I just got 55 dollar.ONLY! sad me I know.and yeah we take our cruize,again.got hottie dum dum guy there but sorry its angah's.she wish ;D and abt 20 mins in the cruize,we reached our destination.the sheep farm.Iee me no like that place.and then,hi tea,take our cruize back and we went to Skyline Gondola.Like.We watched haka haka theatremaori people dance and singing.Its quite interesting.after the great theatre,like usual we headed to our holiday park its called Wanaka Top 10 Holiday park.gatta lots of sheeps here.now time to get some sleep.boi

Sept 24,2011
Again Hi,todays plan - Puzzling world and Bungy jumping.It was awesome to the max! I bought a rugby world cup cap :D
and 6 hours to Franz Joseff Top 10 Holiday Park.Sorry malasnya nak tulis kbye

Sept 25,2011
MORNING PEOPLE.TODAY GANNA BE THE EPIC DAY EVER.We all decided to try hiking,nahh its not hiking but its something like that.We get ready with our boots and all.after 15 minutes,we're already in the bus to the glacier.bla bla bla after 7 km walking and climbing,we'all see with our own eyes the glacierrrrrrrrr! duh we're on it.atlast.its tired but its worth it.
and balik je from tht place,semua tidur mcm org mati ;D seriouslyyyyyyyy.Its a tired day ever and bila bangun bangun je,papa cakap we're on our way to Christchurch.Like seriouslyyyyyyyy? :/

Sept 26,2011
Its our last day thoo.Kinda sad :( but its okayyyy we'll go here again next time *I wish.we didnt do any activities today except the zoo.yeah we went to the zoo.and at 6 pm,we're already at the airport.
Check-in at 12 am,I bought chocs for Bosir againnnnn ;D and HI MALAYSIA.